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Saturday, February 13, 2016


Do you want more Love in your life?


This website is to give you a flavor of who I am and to inform you as to the different modalities that I offer for you to create more Love in your life.  Over the past 35 years, I have assisted literally thousands of people who are on a spiritual path and who have Love as the main priority in their lives.

If you are seeking either personal Love through relationships, or a more universal Love through meditation practices, or both, I offer you my Heart, my insights, my wisdom, and my uncanny ability to ask you just the right question at just the right time to have you discover your inner Beauty – for you are the one who has the answers.  And I have the capacity to hold you in unconditional Love and compassion until you can actually feel that for yourself.

One way we can go about this is through private sessions for individuals and couples, either in person in San Anselmo, CA, or on the phone, or on skype.  The transformation I offer through personal contact is unique and powerful.  I work with each person or couple without any formulas or techniques or methodology.  I open my Heart to you and intuitively proceed from there.  Some sessions release deep emotional pain, some venture more into the spiritual realms, some call for healing sexual or romantic wounding, some elicit more earthplane advice, some are hands-on healing.  We may spend time meditating together or in tratak – eye-gazing experiences.  Often there is practical homework between our sessions so that you can integrate what is happening in the sessions with your everyday life.  Basically, within each session, there is an energetic transmission of kindness, tenderness, safety, and self-awareness that has you leave with a deeper sense of understanding and self-compassion for you and your journey, and, in couples’ sessions, for your partner as well.  Click on the Private Practice button above to learn more.

Another vehicle for your transformation is to attend one of my evening or weekend retreats/workshops that are offered all around the world.  I have taught in the San Francisco Bay Area, Michigan, New England, Los Angeles, England, Germany, and Australia.  You can peruse the Retreats/Workshops area of this website to see if you are attracted to attend any of those events that are already set up, or if you want to sponsor bringing me to your area. If you give me your email address, you will receive announcements of upcoming events, as well as my Humor & Wisdom emails.

Another possibility is to exploremy books, Seeds of Light and Living Life in Love. Both of these are not just books to be read, but tools for transformation.  Many people have told me that these books are unique in that they have elicited heart-felt experiences, spiritual openings, and cosmic awarenesses, rather than just intellectual insights.  They are to be felt into and savored, rather than just read.  If you want to get a flavor of Living Life in Love, click on the Articles button above, as some of the articles are excerpts from that book.

Also, be sure to click on theMy Family button above for a wonderful slide show full of Love.  Many people have been deeply moved by watching it.

If you feel drawn to what is offered on this website, it is my hope that somehow our paths cross. You are welcome to email me at or phone me at 415-459-3113.

May your day be filled with heartfelt experiences!

Lots of Love to you……Peter

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