Tuesday, January 17, 2017



This website is to give you a flavor of who I am and to inform you as to the different modalities that I offer for you to create more Love in yourself and in your Life.  Over the past 40 years, I have assisted literally thousands of people who are on a Spiritual Path and who have Love as the main priority in their lives to discover their own unique flavor of Love.  

The emphasis of my work/play with people has recently shifted due to some enlightening experiences I had with Sri Mooji in Rishikesh, India, in February/March, 2016.  Click on my e-Book – “11 Enlightening Days with Sri Mooji” – to download it for free if you are interested in what occurred there.

As a result, I am now offering private sessions that I am calling “Spiritual Transformation”  They are basically a vehicle for you to “become Love.”  A session involves two forms of meditation – “Tratak” – an ancient Eastern eye-gazing exchange of energy, and a “Heart Meditation.”  As you change levels of consciousness, different perspectives of both you and your Life reveal themselves to you.  The processing we then do goes exceptionally deep because of the altered state that you are now in.  I offer these sessions either “in person” in San Anselmo, CA, (preferable), or on Skype.  Click on Private Practice“ above to learn more.

Another vehicle for your Transformation is to attend one of my evening or weekend “Spiritual Awakening” experiences that are offered mostly in San Francisco Bay Area, but I have also led events in Michigan, New England, Los Angeles, Boulder, England, Germany, and Australia.  You can peruse the Retreats” area of this website to see if you are attracted to attend any of those events.  If you want to sponsor bringing me to your area, contact me. If you sign up to be on my email list, you will receive announcements of upcoming events around the world.

Another possibility is for you to explore my books, 11 Enlightening Days with Sri Mooji and/or Living Life in Love Both of these are not just books to be read, but tools for Transformation.  Many people have told me that these books are unique in that they have elicited heart-felt experiences, spiritual openings, and cosmic awarenesses, rather than just intellectual insights.  They are to be felt into and savored, rather than simply read.  If you want to get a flavor of Living Life in Love, click on the Articles button above, as some of the articles are excerpts from that book. 

Also, be sure to click on the My Family button above for a wonderful slide show full of Love.  It was created some years ago when my son was younger.  Many people have been deeply moved by watching it. 

If you feel drawn to what is offered on this website, it is my hope that somehow our paths cross. You are welcome to email me at peterrengel@comcast.net. 

May your day today be filled with tender, Heartfelt experiences!

In loving service……Peter

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