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A Death Experience

“A Death Experience”

by Peter Rengel

In 1977, I had a brush with Death that transformed my orientation toward Life.  While hitchhiking from California to Michigan late one night in the steep mountains of Idaho, I was given a ride by a cowboy in a pick-up truck. As we were driving around a sharp bend on a narrow two lane road, he started to pass a semi-trailer truck.  I was shocked that he was even attempting this.  Just as we were alongside the truck, speeding toward us head-on was a huge passenger bus honking its horn.  There was no place for us to go.  Surely death had us, or, at the very minimum, a terrible accident was a micro-second away.  Suddenly, Reality seemed to be warping. For just an instant, time and space opened a door into another realm. The next thing we knew, we were still driving on the road, but we had somehow passed the bus and the truck without so much as a scratch.  We continued to drive in silent disbelief as neither of us could comprehend what had just occurred.

Shortly thereafter, at about 2 a.m., the cowboy let me out of his truck on the freeway near Missoula, Montana, because we were headed in different directions.  I followed my urge to walk into the middle of a large field and lie down.  While looking up at the full moon, I began to feel the depth of what had just taken place.  I found myself sobbing with terror.  Then every one of my molecules was being washed with Love on a cosmic level.  Suddenly, I shot up out of my body.  I looked down on me and realized that I was dying.  As I floated away from my body, it seemed insignificant.  My Being started to expand, reaching out to blend with infinity. Then my whole Reality exploded into a deafening Silence. In the middle of that stillness was an endless, peaceful void with no fear.  I was being loved by the most compassionate consciousness possible.

A tunnel appeared and I blissfully started down it.  Then a deep, friendly voice said to me, “You can either go on to your Death or go back to Earth and let everyone there know that Death is not anything to fear.”  I immediately thought of my parents.  Somehow, if I could let them know the beauty of Death, perhaps they could fearlessly embrace it.  My next thought was, “I want to go back and let them know.”  With that, I came back out of the tunnel and saw my body lying on the ground below me.

I floated down and re-entered my body.  I felt completely outside the realm of human time.  I was afraid that I could not synchronize with linear Reality.  As I walked back to the freeway, I saw a policeman who had just given someone a ticket.  I immediately thought, “Who could better help me attune to Earth’s Reality than a policeman?”  I went over to him and started chatting.  If you recall, 1977 was not long after the Vietnam War ended.  Here I was, a bearded backpacker with a long pony tail hitchhiking in the middle of “redneck” territory.  But the Love pouring through me allowed us to become friends instantly.  I told him that I was exhausted from hitchhiking.  He offered to let me sleep in Missoula’s jail for the night.  I happily agreed.  He gave me a ride to the police station, where I had an uproarious time with the men on duty.  We laughed and laughed.

For the next few days, just walking down the street was an adventure.  Anyone who came within five feet of me seemed to be automatically transformed into feeling happy.  People would frequently approach me and start talking, not knowing that what they really wanted was to bathe in the energy of Love.

This experience dramatically altered me in many ways, some of which I am still discovering twenty years later.  We are so much more than we appear to be.


You are not

Just a body

With a Soul


You are a Soul


With a body.

The ease with which I left my body without any earthshaking repercussions opened an incredible perspective on what is usually perceived as a traumatic event.  As I looked down on my body before entering the tunnel, it held about as much significance as a finger nail clipping in the waste basket.  Many people fear the pain that their loved ones suffer when they die. But the real pain is in people’s resistance to Death, not in the experience of Death itself. Death’s catastrophe lies with the anguishing loss for the people who are left behind.  They must let go of their deep attachments by facing the grieving process.  For the person who dies, there is only the joy of freedom.

Death’s Significance

When your body

Drops away from

Your Soul,

Your essence

May or may not


A profound transformation is especially available in the final seconds before leaving your body.  The distinct alteration of time and space in those last few moments makes anything possible.  You are no longer subject to the limitations of linear Reality.  If you have dealt with your fear of Death, a miracle can unfold.


Become friends with Death

While you are still alive.

If you are laughing with Death

As you are leaving your body,

You blissfully dissolve into One.

After your body dies, you do “go on.”  The post-body journey begins with the exquisite ecstasy of removing the illusions of separation created by “I.”  When you know this, rather than fearing Death, an eagerness for the adventure is born.  Ironically, the memory of my own experience of profound bliss sometimes sparks in me a desire to die because I long to quench my thirst with the depth of Love that I know awaits me.

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