Thursday, February 22, 2018

Beyond Thinking

“Beyond Thinking”

by Peter Rengel, M.A.

Have you ever wondered where thoughts come from and what they are made up of?  As you begin to consciously evolve, you use your awareness to see how many “negative” thoughts you have and how destructive they are to you.  Then you try to reprogram yourself to think “positive” thoughts.  As you begin to succeed, you may often chastise yourself when you discover a negative fantasy passing through your mind.  Perhaps you’ve become even more afraid of your negative thoughts because your belief is that by thinking negatively you are going to create a miserable reality for yourself, making your life Hell.

What if you were to live from a completely different perspective which involves total awareness but frees you from having to fear what goes through your mind?  What if you could find another place in which to live inside yourself that experiences all thoughts as having no more substance than thin air?  What if the next level of your evolution is to know that your thoughts themselves are an illusion?  Then you wouldn’t have to use so much energy trying to control your mind:



Your thoughts

Can’t bully you around

If you don’t empower them

By believing they are real.

Maybe there are different stages of human awareness where you are at first unconscious of the power of your thoughts at all.  You then become aware of their influence over you so you work with them to try to master them.  But what if true mastery of the mind has nothing to do with controlling it?  Rather, true mastery may involve learning to take up residence inside yourself in a new place that is outside the mind altogether:

Mastering the Mind

The objective is not

To control the mind.

The objective is

To stop the mind

From controlling you.

You master the mind

By giving it free reign

As you enjoy witnessing

Thoughts’ infinite variety.

As you begin to more and more merely watch your thoughts with a kind of curious fascination, you begin to more and more identify yourself (known to you as “I”) as being the witness rather than the thoughts.  You become the watcher, the still point inside, out of which this whole earthplane reality arises.  You become the centermost core of your being which existed before you arrived here on this planet and will go on after you leave your body behind.  You know you are the dreamer of this dream called Reality rather than the dream itself.  As you take up residence in this place within your being, you find a profound sense of inner peace because you are now living in an unshakeable place of love which merely watches the mind dance back and forth between polarities.


Witnessing is

Floating in the middle

Of the stream of thoughts

Without ever getting wet.

As you become the witness, you no longer have to keep on efforting to change yourself because you are merely watching yourself unfold organically.  Rather than you being your thoughts and being at their mercy, you are now that which is in relationship to them and separate from them.  Knowing that you are not your thoughts, you are freed from self-judgement.  Now you can uninhibitedly discover within yourself the layers upon layers of human consciousness.

Choiceless Awareness

“Choiceless awareness”

Watches thoughts without

Preferencing their content.


“Choiceless” lets all aspects

Of humanity’s kaleidescope

Arise from your unconscious

Set free by no self-judgement.

“Awareness” lets the witness

Compassionately see all of you

With unconditional acceptance.

To become the witness, dive deeper into your inner infinity.  Keep on exploring the depths of your inner silence.  Fall so far into your heart that you discover the place out of which this dream has arisen.  In that place lies such peace, such beauty, such love, that you absolutely experience the movement of all previously perceived “positive” and “negative” aspects of life as pure perfection.

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