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The Ecstasy of Emptiness

“The Ecstasy of Emptiness”

by Peter Rengel, M.A.

Worship silence.  Aspire to become nothing.  Dive into the inner void.  Seek that which is infinitely indefinable.  Inside emptiness lies the entire Universe. Where there is nothing is where there is everything to be gained.

These words are not written out of spiritual ideals or theories.  They are written out of my direct experience of the depths of compassion within Silence.  Years ago, the exquisite encounter I had with Death gave me a profound personal teaching about the ultimate power of the void.  When I was blessed with the gift tasting Death and going beyond words and ideas and thoughts, what greeted me was the infinite Love within emptiness.

Look at the most meaningful connections that you have with another person.  Words are not needed.  In fact, they are generally a hindrance.  Just looking in someone’s eyes can feed your soul.  Or, when being sexual, at the very moment of orgasm and immediately afterwards, often a soothing silence emerges and allows all of you, including your body, emotions, and thoughts, to deeply relax every cell in your being.  These experiences are clues in solving the bigger mystery.

In Between

Truth lives where there is no “I”…

In the spaces between thoughts.

Let your whole effort be

To fall into this void…


Why is this so difficult?  Because it goes against everything that your Western mind has ever been taught.  You have been indoctrinated from the moment you were born to be important, to be somebody.  Society’s foundation is built upon needing its members to achieve, to get ahead, to consume, to spend money.  The seeds of destruction of all that is deemed important in the Western world are contained within the concept of seeking silence.  As you get to the edge of the abyss of emptiness, the logical mind shouts, “No!”  It then invents your next project or problem or part of your personality to work on so that you must continually stay engaged with it.


The mind fills emptiness

With any thought form

Instead of stepping aside

To create the silent void

From which Love arises.

You are invited into an illogical process that may directly oppose what you believe to be the main purpose of your life.  You have been trained to pursue knowledge by filling your mind with more and more facts and ideas.  The assumed progression is that the more you can cram into your brain, the smarter you become.  The smarter you become, the more successful you become.  The more successful you become, the happier you are.  The most deceiving part of this lie is that it is true…at the material level of Reality.  Within this narrow perspective, there is no way to dispute this claim.  However, the best way to see through this lie is to observe how unfulfilled many people are who have successfully walked this path, perhaps including yourself.  Maybe, just maybe, another kind of Happiness is more fulfilling and longer lasting than the joy created by acquiring knowledge.




Your mind.



Your spirit.

The journey becomes an unraveling of the complexities you have made of your life. It is a process of simplifying.  It is taking away from rather than adding to.  It is letting go of rather than holding on to. Your mind believes that it has to figure Life out.  It desperately tries to keep everything together.  Paradoxically, when everything falls apart, a mystical “something else” can happen.  The route to that “something else” is terrifying because your mind, as you have known it, has to dissolve.

Spiritual Insanity

As you transcend linear limitations

And feel like you are going insane,

Know that all Enlightened beings

Have deliberately lost their mind

And have no need to find it again.

Not until you go beyond the mind can you discover ultimate Happiness.  Your Soul repeatedly cries out to you.  It urges you to return to one of the most basic questions that you can ask yourself: “Who am I?”  There are an infinite number of answers to this question.  The more you define yourself in linear ways, the more limits you place upon yourself.  If you see yourself as only a human body walking around on this planet, then that is who you become.  If you see yourself as the different roles you play, then that is who you become.  If you question these self-limitations, then you can take the lid off who you perceive yourself to be.  The more you cannot put your finger on who you believe yourself to be, the more fully you discover your infinite nature. The more you can honestly say, “I have no idea who I am,” the more you become the magical mystery itself.


When you lose your identity as

Father/son, mother/daughter,

Secretary, lawyer, waiter,

Rich, poor, good, bad,

Sad, happy, angry,

You find you.

The “you” that you find beyond your mind is so much more than you ever dreamed you could be.  When you strip away all your self-limiting beliefs, you feel a magnificent and humbling Life force flowing through you.

Trying to understand how this miracle works is enticing.  And fascinating.  A certain joy is born when you seek the Truth.  However, after you have been on the path for a while, you see an infinite number of places to look for answers.  This process can become so engulfing that you could spend a thousand years in just one corner.  And you will probably discover that what you seek cannot be found where you are looking, much like the tailor and the lost needle.  To expedite your search, you can eliminate the vast realm of unfruitful, barren territory known as “logic.”  If you explore elsewhere, you eventually explode into an “Aha!” that launches you into nonlinear aspects of Reality, such as trust and awe.


The desire to understand

Can imprison your Spirit

At the level of Thinking.

Understanding fills the mind,

But cannot awaken the Soul.

Once again you are left with a non-answer.  The key to the Universe always seems to be just out of reach. No techniques can be given. There is only an invitation into your intuition and into the vast realms of your inner Self.  You may already be looking for the space between your thoughts.  You may already know how to feel yourself falling back into your Heart as you search for that secret room.  Hopefully, you no longer pay much attention to those puffs of imaginings called “thoughts.”  If you shine the light of awareness on your innermost darkness, you illuminate your uniquely unfolding Self.  Your primary commitment effortlessly evolves into watering “The Seed of Silence” within your Soul.

The Seed of Silence

To use a linear technique to

Change your belief system

Absolutely misses the point.

You merely substitute

One thought for another,

And you are still trapped

At the level of the mind.

Dive in deeper to discover

That tiny Seed of Silence

Buried under all thoughts.

Water that delicate seed

With your gentlest Love

So that it can sprout.

As the Seed of Silence grows

And the mind’s grip on you

Becomes weaker and weaker,

Your flowering Heart can

Fully blossom into Love.

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