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My Spiritual Autobiography

Publicity PhotoMy life really began when I moved to California in 1972, just having graduated from Northwestern University with a B.A. in English Literature.  I lived with three roommates on Moody Road in the Los Altos Hills, where I discovered what it was like to have honest, vulnerable, real conversations with friends who wanted to know who I was and who they were and what Life is all about.

I looked into the eyes of one of my roommate’s friends and asked her how she got such bright eyes and emanated such a feeling of peace from every cell of her being.  She said that she had just done Ernie Pecci’s Pycho-Spiritual Integration Process.  Having no idea what that meant, I signed up for it, using the money my parents had given to me for a down payment on a house.  After all, wasn’t I here to find my own home inside my Heart?  This first venture into spiritual growth work ignited and clarified my true purpose for being in a human body here on this planet –to love and be loved, and ultimately to become Love itself!

One day I wandered by Swami Muktananda’s Ashram in Oakland, California and was drawn in the door.  I had no idea what an ashram was, but as I walked in the door, something started happening in my heart that was the beginning of the most profoundly spiritually moving, ongoing experience of my life.  As my ego disappeared and spirit flowed through me, I moved into the Ashram within a few days.  I was graced with an extended Satori experience that lasted about ten days.  I was fortunate to be blessed with the gift of a direct experience of the ultimate of human states of consciousness – a taste of Enlightenment.  When I fell from grace, I left the Ashram after some months of internal turmoil.  I spiraled down into the depths of depression as I felt that my life was not worth living if I could not maintain that state of consciousness.

I then spent some time with Brugh Joy in Los Angeles, arriving on Brugh’s doorstep quite suicidal.  Without a word ever having been exchanged between us, I began weeping in the presence of his unconditional love.  I spent the next couple of years learning about chakras and healing with Brugh.

But the spiritual itch started to happen again because I was still not finding that state of “no ego” again.  In the spirit of the wandering sadhu’s in India, I sold everything I owned, getting down to the contents of my backpack as my only possessions.  I then flew to the Big Island of Hawaii because that is where my intuition told me to go.  While attending a Sufi Dance Camp, I was sitting on a porch wondering what was next for me.  At that very moment, some devotees of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh just happened to walk by.  That was enough of a sign for me.  I got on the next plane to India.  I quickly became immersed in Ashram life there.  Unlike my previous experience with Muktananda where the men sat on one side of the aisle and women on the other and we chanted mantras, and where celibacy was the more enlightened path, here the opposite was true.  In Rajneesh’s Ashram, I celebrated life in all its aspects – feeling and expressing my love, my emotions, my sexuality.  Instead of meditating my way to God, I let go of all my spiritual goals and was finally “grokked” myself as a Divine Being in a human body.  All experiences – human and spiritual – became a big “Hurray!”

At some point it became time to leave Ashram life and come back into the western world.  It was time to return to the culture where I was born, bringing all I had learned along with me.  In 1985, I moved to Marin County in California.  Within a month I met Donna Spitzer, the woman who was to become my wife.  She taught me a whole new level of celebrating emotional vulnerability.  I also began teaching my own form of Meditation, called “Heart Meditation,” designed to open up the Heart chakra so that people can safely exchange Universal Love.  In 1988, I became involved with the Human Awareness Institute (, where I have been teaching Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality Workshops for the last twenty-five plus years. The chord of humanity that is struck in HAI’s workshops has kept me fascinated with the commonality of our human journey here on this planet.  My compassion for others and for myself keeps on deepening.

In February of 2016, I visited Sri Mooji in Rishikesh, India.  I had been watching him on YouTube for five years after accidentally discovering him there one day.  What a miracle the Internet can be!  In India, I had many profoundly enlightening experiences with him in a matter of only eleven days.  I returned to California a forever-altered human being.  If you want to know more about that journey, you contact me and I’ll send you a free copy of my e-book, “My 11 Enlightening Days with Sri Mooji.”  It has already touched the hearts of many seekers.     

My Spiritual Autobiography would not be complete without including my greatest teacher – my son, Kavi.  His birth into my life on September 22, 1997 has had a profound effect on my Spirituality.  All I have ever wanted in life has been to be in the here and now and be in love.  He showed that to me in a way I had never seen.  The life force flowing through him opened a new place in my heart.  The rewards of being a father are endless.  The fierceness of my love for him is unlike any other flavor of love I have experienced.  The joy I feel in seeing his unfolding of becoming a human being in his own right touches into a vulnerability that I have never known before.  And the beauty of sharing parenting with my wife, Donna, has created an intimacy between us that we could not find any other way. You may want to click on “My Family” to see us in a slide show!

What is next for me?  My latest little saying for myself is “Life is a series of experiences leading……no where!  Welcome to NOW!!”  I am open to see what blossoms next……





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