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A Spiritual Psychology that teaches Love – Peter ‘s Living Life in Love is destined to become a spiritual classic.  It is a vehicle for you to have life-altering insights and heart-felt experiences of Love.  This “Handbook to Happiness” integrates fertile prose, illuminating aphorisms, and an enlightening workbook with meditations to awaken your Soul.  It provides profound guidance for your inner transformation. Peruse its pages for poetic inspiration and practical wisdom for Life’s challenges. Use this book as a means to discover new depths of understanding, compassion, and gratitude for the human condition – yours as well as others!  Enjoy!

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Peter spent weeks in intense communication with his higher self, barely finding time to eat.  He would leave his writing to prepare himself a meal, be called back for just a moment, and hours later would find himself still at his desk.  The results are these inspirational poems, covering topics as varied as the human condition.  They condense Peter’s years of experience as a spiritual counselor as well as his personal journey of transformation which has taken him around the world.  They are reminders to the heart of the joy and that can be achieved by not fighting the “what is” of daily life.  If you believe that we create our own reality and can thus create a more fulfilling life, then these inspirational aphorisms can assist you in your journey.

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