Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Family Life

My website would not be complete without including my family.  How could I teach love without giving you some glimpses into the Love that flows in my Family?

When Donna and I got together in 1985, neither of us wanted to have children.  At that time, I actually had some beliefs from my ashram days that children were a distraction from my spiritual path.  Some years into our relationship, something changed in Donna and she began to want to have a baby.  And I still did not.  But, because of the communication tools we had developed with one another, we were able to be in about a two-year conversation in which she wanted to have a child and I did not, without breaking up over that.  Fortunately, I realized that what was holding me back was that I was afraid that I would be a father to my child like my father was to me.  He was a good man, but did not have a clue how to relate to kids, so I had almost no relationship with him.  But I have always loved kids and they have loved me.  So, when I saw that my way of being a dad would be very different from my father’s way, we went for it.  The result was the birth of our son, Kavi (Hindi for poet).

The place in my heart that he has touched has been life altering.  Fortunately, before he was born I did not know what I was missing. But now, having experienced a whole new realm of Love unlike anything else, I cannot imagine having gone through this life without him.  The richness of that Love has changed my whole orientation to being on the planet.  I love Donna dearly, but, when I am cutting two pieces of pie, I usually want to give her the bigger piece, but not always.  In my twelve years with Kavi, I always want him to have the bigger piece.  Rather than him being a hindrance to my spiritual growth, he has become the greatest guru I have ever had, and I have had some amazing ones!!

I hope you can feel the love that we have together in the slide show above.  Over my thirty-five years of serving people, I have frequently received deeply heartfelt gratitude for the ways that I have assisted people to find more joy and happiness.  And that does feel wonderfully rewarding.  But the personal love that my family shares is where my deepest rewards live.   As I step into my grave, the most meaningful experiences that I will look back on will be all those special moments with my wife and son!

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