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Private Sessions

Private Practice

         My sessions are either in person in San Anselmo, CA, or via Zoom (similar to Skype, only much better quality). Over my 30+ years in Private Practice, the people who are drawn to me have generally been truly committed to their own Spiritual growth.

         I do not offer therapy.  I facilitate individuals and couples, triads, etc. to live their lives more open-heartedly.  I can only teach you what I have learned on my own path through my transformational experiences with various spiritual teachers and through my very real, intimate, human emotional/sexual experiences with my wife of 30+ years, Donna, and from being as loving a father as I can be to my son, Kavi.

         I assist people to transcend psychological limitations in order to awaken their Love and to live in harmony with Life’s Spiritual Rhythms.

With individuals: 

         I use no learned “techniques” because each person is unique and cannot be treated with some pre-determined formula.

         You cannot solve a “problem” from the state of consciousness in which it has been created.  As you learn the art of going deeper into your Heart than the level of problems/solutions, you begin to see yourself and Life itself through a newly polished lens, embracing life’s polarities rather than bouncing back and forth between them.

         As I intuitively tune into your Heart and Soul, you will experience being “seen” through the eyes of Unconditional Love. As you are treated with kindness and compassion, it becomes easier for you to let go of your defensiveness with yourself. You start to naturally notice your inherent basic goodness rather than your focusing on your neuroses.

         The emotional safety that you feel with me allows you to become tenderly vulnerable (in the most beautiful sense of that word). Then you are free to feel whichever of your feelings that are needing to be felt in any given moment, creating a deep intimacy with yourself, as your Spiritual Transformation blossoms like the petals of a flower:


                                                Vulnerability is the key

                                                       Which opens the gateway

                                                             Between thinking and feeling.                       

                                                Once you leave the realm of thoughts

                                                       And enter the sphere of feelings,

                                                             The domain of your Heart

                                                                     Becomes available to you.

            As I ask you sensitive, poignant questions, together we allow you to “be in inquiry” with your innermost experiences without any agenda for what your mind often thinks you “should” be experiencing – both within our session and in your Life in between sessions. Rather than your believing that you need to be in a particular state of consciousness to be “in Love,” what if you were to experience self-Love and self-Compassion no matter whether you are feeling happy or sad or angry, are expanding or contracting, are in joy or in pain? Imagine exploring and celebrating all of your human experiences:



                                                         It does not matter

                                                                How you are

                                                                       In any moment.

                                                         What matters is

                                                                How you are

                                                                       In relationship to

                                                                              How you are.

         The deeper aspects of our exploration are for you to develop your inner compassionate “Witness” to your human experiences rather than being ego-identified with them. Since you are here on Earth in a human body, what if your whole attitude becomes to fully embrace all aspects of every human experience rather than your trying to escape from what most people think of as “negative” ones in order to have only “positive” ones? What if you were to see your “Negative Mind” as your greatest teacher rather than your enemy? What if you were to become curious and fascinated with each experience you are having? What if you were able to let go of your agenda for who you think you “should be” moment-to- moment so as to free yourself from self-judgment? What if you were to change your relationship to thoughts themselves so that they lose their power over you?



                                                The objective is not

                                                       To try to control the mind.

                                                 The objective is to stop

                                                        The mind from controlling you.

                                                  This is accomplished by

                                                         Giving the mind free reign

                                                                While you relish witnessing 

                                                                       Its infinite thought forms.

With Couples, Triads, etc.: 

         Since each intimate Relationship is unique and each person within each Relationship is unique as well, I use no set formulas for navigating these waters. However, there are some challenges that often show up, no matter whether you are monogamous, non-monogamous, polyamorous, or you do not label your Relationship with any of these categories.

       First and foremost is to know that much more important than any issue(s) you are having is learning how to foster attitudes that help you to stay connected and in love as you are “processing” any issue. True partnership is born.

         One frequent focal point of conflict is that often each person wants to be heard and understood, but no one has the “emotional maturity” to be able to listen and receive their partner’s “Truth” without becoming reactive or defensive. I teach you how to co-create the emotional safety for each person to speak their experiences/perceptions honestly and humbly, and for each person to learn how to genuinely listen to their partners’ experiences in such a way as to have them feel “heard” and “gotten” before any solution is sought.


                                                   The greatest gift

                                                           You can ever give to

                                                                  Another Human Being

                                                                         Is to truly receive them.

         I help you to foster an attitude of “Staying on the Same Side” rather than ending up in a power struggle. As you learn to genuinely become curious as to what your partner(s) experiences are, knowing that you do not have to compromise your “Truth” to validate them, you can let go of “blaming energy.” Each person is being invited to take full responsibility for whatever they are experiencing in any given moment, both within a session and in their lives. As each person feels “seen,” they are then freed up to look at their own contribution to the difficulty rather than pointing a finger at their partner(s). This co-operative energy between/among you allows solutions to show up that could never have been found otherwise.


                                                      Being in harmony while

                                                             Exploring differences 

                                                                     Creates Love that is

                                                                            Beyond agreement.


         I also frequently assist people to find a much more fulfilling sexual life. Often people end up in sexual patterns or assumptions that do not serve to have an alive, spontaneous, communicative sexual connection. As you feel safe enough to talk honestly and openly about your sexuality, you heal your shame and guilt. Then you can learn how to vulnerably ask for what you want and to be in partnership to co-create sexual experiences that satisfies each of you and enhances your intimacy. This has you feel the love flowing between/among you so that your day-to-day interactions become more generous and giving. As a result, a lot of what used to show up as “problems” do not even occur.

         My invitation is for you to give me a phone call and let me know what you are looking for. We can see if we feel like a match and proceed from there. I’m not the right person for everyone, but for those who I am, their lives truly transform.

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