Thursday, February 22, 2018

“Becoming Better Friends and Lovers” Class – not currently offered

Becoming Better Friends and Lovers

A Four-Week Couples’ Group with Donna and Peter


We are once again offering our four-week Couples’ Group.  We have received such great feedback from the ones we have facilitated recently that we have decided to offer it again.There is no HAI pre-requisite for this class.

The format of the group includes our creating a theme each week as an opportunity to focus on a particular area of relationship.  We currently have planned:

Week 1:  How to let go of defensiveness to enhance more intimate communication.

Week 2:  How to support each other’s emotional expression and healing.

Week 3:  How to better communicate with one another about your sexual needs, wants, and desires in order to ignite your passion.

Week 4:  How to foster the spirit of service, surrender, and romance between you.

In each class we will create some exercise(s) designed for you to nurture one another, to renew your romance, to practice letting go of separation, and/or to create win-wins between you. There will be tender, honest, loving group discussions on many different aspects of being in relationship. We will also work with one couple at a time on whatever they need regardless of that week’s theme, while the others supportively witness the process.  Sometimes an exercise for everybody emerges out of that work and/or we will have a group discussion based on what people see about themselves and their relationship. As we share our wisdom, our struggles, and our joys, it becomes clear that we are all teachers for each other. This camaraderie brings a deep sense of us being part of a “community of couples.”

Also, each week there is “homework” for you two to do at home between classes based on the topic of that week’s class.  Each week’s homework is an opportunity to discover a deeper love, and to tell more vulnerable levels of truth, and to empower you to create more time to nurture one another. We believe you will get the most out of the class if you participate in the homework each week. So, we request that you commit to doing the homework as part of your decision to be in the class and as an integral part of your couple’s journey!

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