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“Living Life in Love” 8-Week Class – Fall, 2017

Peter Rengel’s Eight-Week Meditation Group

Living Life in Love

Awakening your Spiritual Love from Within

8 Tuesdays, Sept 19th thru Nov 7th:

Cost: $300   In Berkeley

After having successfully taught this same 8-week class for 20 years, I took a six year break.  Then, I offered this class last Fall and it was so successful I offered another 8-week class, “Being in the Now,” last Winter.  Again, people have asked for more.  So I am offering “Living Life in Love” again this Fall.

The meditations/exercises at home help you to free yourself from being at the effect of your negative thoughts and to live in your heart. Imagine feeling loved, lovable and loving at depths you have always dreamed possible.  This group is a safe vehicle for experiencing profound levels of consciousness and for transforming your life.  Deepen your inner peace, whether you have ever meditated or not.  If you participated in my old class, you may well want to come back and discover your next level of inner freedom.

This group consists of:

* Eight Thursday evening meetings with unique forms of meditation to open your Heart, plus partnered exercises to share your Heart energy and to gently nurture one another.

* Twenty minute daily unique meditations that change weekly and are specifically designed for you to develop the art of witnessing your thoughts rather than being lost in the middle of them.

* An in-depth exploration of Peter’s second book, Living Life in Love, at home and in class.

The weekly meetings, daily meditations, and Living Life in Love all combine to offer you a concrete spiritual practice that helps you to delicately dance beneath your thoughts and to be nurtured by the vast richness of the Infinite Inner Self.  This is much more than just another class.  This is an opportunity for you to change the very core of your moment-to-moment perceptions of both your inner and outer Reality.

The only requirements for this group are that you are deeply committed to your own inner transformation, to participating in unique forms of meditation for 20 minutes every day, and to attending every class.  Having participated in HAI workshops is not a pre-requisite.  It is a “clothing-on” event.

The following quotes are from people who have participated in past groups:

“I was affected on profound levels.  It’s now easier and more natural for me to be in my Heart.”

“In 17 years of doing all kinds of workshops, this group, far more than any other, very directly opened my Heart to experience Love and gave me tools to be  ‘in Love’ in my life.”

“The class was an opportunity to walk into my dreams, to shut off my mind and have a chance to really be inside my Heart.”

“I now know that I can choose to worry or I can choose to be in my Heart.”

8 Tuesdays, Sept 19th thru Nov 7th, 7:00 to 10:00 pm

at the Rudramandir Center in Berkeley    Cost: $300   

This group may well fill quickly. If you want to register or have any questions,

contact Peter at or at 415-459-3113

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