Thursday, February 22, 2018

“Expressing & Releasing” – A Day for Feeling your Feelings – not currently offered

  • Do you have any fear about feeling your feelings?
  • Do you know that there are feelings inside of you waiting to be felt?
  • Are you wanting a safe place to let them out?
  • Have you been waiting for the “right time” for this to happen? 

If you are answering “Yes!” to these questions………then keep on reading…….

This day has been created to bring together like-minded, open-hearted people who are eager and ready to safely explore letting go into our feelings. After we have tenderly connected in our Hearts, we will then have opportunities to express and release either “repressed” or “needing-to-be expressed” feelings, specifically:

Anger/Rage   Sadness/Grief   Joy/Bliss   Love/Gratitude


This is a day of deep Emotional Cleansing – of stepping into the sacred beauty of Emotional Expression that brings you Alive! Imagine experiencing yourself full of energy, grounded in your body, with your Heart open and your Love flowing…….

If you want to let go of your judgments that have you labeling some feelings as “positive” and some as “negative” and to genuinely celebrate all of your feelings as being a vital expression of your Humanness, then come join us! A new level of Self-Love awaits!

                No “Expressing & Releasing” workshops

                                       Currently Planned


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