Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A One-Day “Heart Meditation”

Start your New Year with a One-Day

“Heart Meditation”

A Voyage into Love with Peter Rengel, M.A.

What better way to launch yourself into 2018 than by coming Home to your Heart?  You’ll get to feel Love in the moment, as well as align yourself with your deepest intentions for the New Year.  Together, in community, we will explore our tender connections with each other and within ourselves.  This special day will include:

  Peter’s special “Heart Meditation” designed to gently open the Heart Chakra

  A Puja Circle to silently enhance & celebrate our Divinity

❤  A “Tratak Meditation” to “Touch Souls” through eye gazing in pairs

❤  “Large Group Share” for one-on-one interactions with Peter

❤  Joyful Dancing and other Emotional Expressions through Movement

  A Laughter Meditation

❤  Silence between sessions with possibilities of tender, wordless connections

  Other “Surprises!”

Quench your Soul’s thirst for Enlightenment. Deepen your inner peace, whether you have ever meditated or not. Re-discover and Re-New that your Life’s purpose is really quite simple: Not only to Love and to be Loved, but to experience, moment by moment, that You are Love!

Saturday, January 6th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

at 90 Holstein Road, San Anselmo, CA   Cost: $120

To register, email Peter at

(Space is limited so you may want to register soon)

Peter Rengel, M.A., has been a Facilitator for the Human Awareness Institute for 25+ years, offers “Spiritual Transformation” Private Sessions in Marin and on Skype, is the author of Seeds of Light, Living Life in Love, and 11 Enlightening Days with Sri Mooji. Peter assists people to transcend their psychology in order to awaken their Love and to live in harmony with Life’s Spiritual rhythms.


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