Thursday, February 22, 2018

“Yes!” Meditation Retreat/Workshop – not currently offered


Ignite your Heart’s Desires

A Meditation Retreat/Workshop

with Peter Rengel

“Yes!”  The most powerful word in the English language is “Yes!”  This retreat gives you the opportunity to ignite your own passionate “Yes!” and to awaken to the Beauty of being alive in a human body.  As you reach into the depths of your Being, you light your “Holy Fire.”  You can then powerfully discover new levels of your unique purpose for your journey here on Earth.

This weekend is both a Meditation Retreat and a Workshop.  It offers Peter’s special “Heart Meditation” to open your Heart and free your Love.  As the non-linear realms of consciousness that lie beneath thoughts become available, you discover the power of your “Infinite Inner Self.”  You can heal spiritual and emotional wounds, and risk saying “Yes!” to your Dreams.

Some of the unique experiences offered are:

Peter’s “Heart Meditation” which focuses on opening the Heart Chakra.

“Touching Souls” Puja Circles to silently celebrate & enhance our Divinity.

Paired exercises to tenderly embrace what it is to be a vulnerable Human Being.

Our collective, Universal Love focused on one person at a time to grow your “Yes!”

Unique Meditations to express & celebrate your passion, pain, laughter, anger, and joy!

Silence between sessions with possibilities of tender connections without words.

An in-depth exploration of Peter’s second book, Living Life in Love…& much more.

In addition, this retreat/workshop is designed for you to directly experience your deepest “Yes!” to celebrating Life.  As you awaken to the innate Beauty in yourself and in others, you can tangibly feel the magic of “The Mystery.”  Imagine returning home with a renewed, deeper sense of purpose, excited to create the Life that you have always dreamed possible.

No “Yes!” Retreats currently planned 

There are no pre-requisites for this retreat.  You are welcome if you have never meditated or have been meditating for years or anything in between!

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